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Side Effects of Tamoxifen Use in Men Survey
Severity of Symptom
Mild     Moderate     Severe
Hot flashes
Weight gain
Difficulty sleeping
Low mood
Loss of sex drive
Age Category
Length of time on
Comments or other
side effects
After much research I could only find one small study related to the side effects of
Tamoxifen use in men and yet it is one of the most frequent questions I receive.  

Please take a moment to complete this survey regarding your personal experience
with the side effects of Tamoxifen.  This informal survey has been purposely
designed to be submitted completely anonymously and no personal data will be

Results of this survey will be published on the site in the future.

Hot Flashes = on
Hot Flashes - Mild = on
Difficulty Sleeping = on
Difficulty Sleeping - Moderate = on
Depression = on
Depression - Severe = on
Loss of sex drive = on
Loss of sex drive - Moderate = on
Fatigue = on
Fatigue - Severe = on
Current Age = 40 - 49
Length of Usage = 6 mos to 1 yr
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