Male Breast Cancer

Out of the Shadow of Pink was founded in 2005 by my husband and I after his diagnosis of stage IV
breast cancer; totally rearranging our lives forever.   Sadly, Joe lost his battle with male breast cancer
in September 2008 but he wanted us to continue the fight and to spread the word about this rare and
devastating form of cancer.   We continue to grow as a global, independent advocacy group of and for
people with male breast cancer.

Please help us continue to spread the word about male breast cancer.  

We chose
Jodi's Climb for Hope  for our fund raising efforts based on our personal experience with Dr
Emens.  I truly believe her dedication to finding a viable treatment for cancer helped my husband to
survive longer than anyone had originally anticipated.

As my work on this site continues, I will add new content and
breast cancer products that focus on  
promoting awareness of male breast cancer.

C Reid
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Breast Cancer is not a sexist disease!

Any way you look at it, cancer is a devastating diagnosis.  It becomes even more so when you are
diagnosed with a form of cancer that you were never even aware of as a remote possibility for a
man.  I'm referring to "Male Breast Cancer".  Go ahead, ask a man in your life; I'd venture to say that
70-75% of them will tell you there's no such thing, breast cancer is a woman's disease.  That is the
overwhelming response I still receive when I start talking about my husband and his diagnosis of  
Stage IV Male Breast Cancer.
Male Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Male Breast Cancer Awareness