A Man's Pink - malebreastcancer.ca was founded in 2008 by Heidi Wagner and Natalie Wagner, in support of their father, Herbert
Paul Wagner who, in 2005  at the age of 61, was diagnosed with Male Breast Cancer (MBC).  As well, the organization "A Man's
Pink" was established in 2009 to support this website, to provide MBC patients, survivors and their loved ones with access to
MBC information, and to work toward increasing survival rates for men diagnosed with breast cancer."

Brandon Greening Foundation for Breast Cancer in Men

Bret Miller 1T Check Them Foundation - checkthem.org was founded by Bret Miller and his family after his 2010 diagnosis of male
breast cancer at age 24.  To leave Bret a message or keep updated on Bret's progress,  please visit Bret's Caring Bridge page.

Dr Z keeps us updated on his battle with Male Breast Cancer  (Not updated in a while but still a good read)
Male Breast Cancer Organization  - Awareness and beyond

Man Exam - Promoting self exams for testicular cancer
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Male Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon
Male Breast Cancer Awareness